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Wake up & smell the coffee


BEST WESTERN Monkbar Hotel Guests Wake Up, Smell & Enjoy The Coffee!

 Guests at a York hotel are being encouraged to not only wake up and smell the coffee, but quaff its unique flavour too!

For the beverage being served up by the cup and cafetier at the BEST WESTERN Monkbar Hotel, is a blend specially created for the award-winning venue by Laurence Beardmore, of the York Coffee Emporium.

The Monkbar Emporium Blend has now replaced the “household” brand served for the last 21 years, and is already proving to be a recipe for success with guests, visitors and staff alike.

Graham Usher, General Manager of The BEST WESTERN Monkbar Hotel, said: “Our aim at the Monkbar Hotel is to create a unique experience for guests and visitors alike.

“As part of this ongoing process, we are continually exploring new ways to achieve this, and one suggestion was serving our very own brand of coffee.

“We thought this was a great idea and teamed up with Laurence and the York Coffee Emporium for this project, as it roasts and blends all of its superb coffees freshly to order in the city.

“What Laurence doesn’t know about coffee isn’t worth knowing, and, thanks to his guidance and expertise, we now have a superb coffee that is unique to the Monkbar Hotel.” 

Graham added: “This was the perfect example of two local businesses working together. Creating the perfect cup of coffee is a real art, and Laurence is a master of his trade!”

Laurence, who, together with his wife Philippa, took over business in March this year, said: “I’ve worked with the Monkbar for a while now and this was a lovely project to be involved with

“In all fairness it was Graham and his team who did all the hard work, as it was their palates that chose this winning blend!

“I would describe the Monkbar Emporium Blend as having a delicate, velvety taste and aroma to inspire your day. Graham and the tasting team have made a fine choice.”